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i) Slow economic growth

Unemployment hence funds for education to accelerate economic and national development not there.

The situation in the slums is even more acute-the food insecurity and education.

ii) Poverty

Rising levels of poverty have a negative impact on provision of education.

Resource limitations include shortage of teachers and inadequate teaching/ learning materials because funds are not there.

iii) HIV/ AIDS Pandemic

This has also impacted negatively on the achievement in the education sector.

The most productive age group 15-39 is seriously either infected or affected.

The pandemic result is the high number of orphans in our school. We have 300 boys who are either total or partial-orphans.

Much time wasted in either taking care of the sick or attending funerals to the dead-result is

absenteeism and even lack of concentration.

iv) Drugs and Substance Abuse

One area which has a big part to play in the youth since most of them have peer influence – pressure.

v) Child labour

Helping the parents/guardians to sell the drugs or ferry the drug i.e.

At the Bus Stop.

Kibuye market-selling polythene-distract

Fishing - Dunga

The marginalized groups in the slums use children who are supposed to be in school to give them cheap labour which is easily available.

vi) Poor Fees Payment

Vicious circle of poverty, leads to poor fees payment hence leads to absenteeism from school, l

leading to provision of poor quality education – because of lack of continuity.

vii) Poor Parenting

Single parents

Guardians. Uncles/ Aunties

Parents renting rooms and leaving their sons in town

Absentee parents who have no time for their sons

The quarrelsome parents

viii) Teacher problems

It’s not always easy getting everyone to agree on a destination and then work collaboratively to get there.

Those who have to follow their spouses

Those with business in town

Those who leave for further studies

The teaching practice students-lack of continuity

Those who are sick and needs your sympathy

Those who are lazy.

ix) Students Attitude

Poor attitude after all some have businesses to run during weekends.

Hopeless situation at home (not motivating)

Poverty and hunger cannot concentrate in class

Negative towards Guidance & Counseling.

x) Unsupportive parents and Community

Those who sell the hard drugs come from the community around us.

Difficulty in having them to attend school functions.

Always against school projects involving money like lunch programme, extra tuition etc.

Critics for the sake of it.

Do not follow progress of the students and would rather let them finish.

xi) Proximity to the HQ’s (MOEST)

A big problem because both the students and teachers can simply walk there to say anything even those sent away for school fees.

We face enormous tasks every day in an environment that is always not supportive. We are held accountable for reaching mandated goals and ensuring the success of all children regardless of whether we have the resources we need to succeed.

When our efforts don’t produce instant results or when some of our students go astray, we become the target of criticism. We didn’t do enough. We didn’t get it right. We did too much. Given the storms we weather every day, it is for us to be weary of charges that we are not pushing children hard enough or that we are not focused.

We are easy scapegoats because the public school is not a corporate body that can simply drop an unprofitable product line. We don’t pick and choose our inputs so we ensure a marketable output. We accept all students unconditionally and attempt to shape them into productive citizens despite a range of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

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