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Guidance and Counselling


MRS CAROLINE .A. DOLA HOD guidance and councelling department.

This department aims at guiding students.
Guidance entails giving direction, helping, advising, caring encouraging etc.
While counseling students can be helped to make choices based on their own needs and wants, young people face many decisions and make many decisions that can impact their lives.
They can make better decisions if they are given adequate Guidance and Counselling at school at home and therefore for this department to work effectively, parents should also play
their important role of parenting.

The department is made up of a team of 10 teachers.
Caroline A. Dola - HOD
George Osuma - Asst HOD
Joyce Okwaro - Member
Jackson Owiti - Member
Fredirck Otigo - Member
Ann Taban - Member
Josephine Amollo - Member
Peter Aruaro - Member
Janepher Osianju - Member

Fredrick O. Okumu - Secretary

The department works hand in hand with the peer supporters. This is student that helps their fellow students in their respective classes.
Most of them have been trained and a few have been attending workshops organized by the Ministry of Education suc as Secondary School Action for Better Health (SSBH) programme and trainings
organised by local NGOs like Tuungane Youth Centre, Pandpieri Catholic Centre as well as ADRA.

The Department is faced with some challenges, however the most glaring one being ample time ti implement activities, since this is a day school and we practice academic activities first.

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